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Thank you for visiting Quillan Sculpture Gallery, the home of Quillan Turtles and Frogs

This is a "Gallery Friendly site. That means Quillan Sculpture supports it's representing galleries and will not undermine them by selling on this site. We sell only to representing galleries as we believe that is the "moral" and honest approach. If you are interested in purchasing a specific artwork, we will direct you to the gallery nearest you.

We are proud to Support the American Worker. All Quillan Artwork is created, cast and finished in the United States by American Workers. The other guys can't say that. Yes, it would be cheaper to cast in Mexico or China, but we know how important it is to support American Business, especially in light of economic situations. You should be proud that when you acquire a Quillan Sculpture from our representing galleries, you help American Workers and their families. That's why we say, "Do the Right Thing, Made in America."

Quillan Sculpture also asks that you "Do the Right Thing" by supporting Animal Rights and Conservation Efforts, especially in your own neighborhood. Quillan Sculpture is always actively involved in Conservation Groups, starting with Animal Shelters and Rescue and continuing with other larger organizations dedicated to a better world. You can check on just a few who we've supported by viewing this site or by contacting us.

Enjoy your visit to Quillan Sculpture Gallery and please, as always...."Do the Right Thing".

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