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Turtles & Frogs

Welcome to my blog. I invite everyone to add their comments and thoughts in hopes of achieving a dialogue which could inspire individuals to take some action in their lives to promote conservation, not only of our resources, but conservation and protection of the thousands of species around our globe that are threatened. 

I watched a documentary the other night on Dr Roger Payne, a man renowned in whale research. One statement that stood out to me was when he said, “If we can’t save whales, then we can’t save anything.” How prophetic his words were, as when I searched the records of conservation organizations and their members, a steady decline has been in effect since the early 1990’s. What Happened???? Where is the passion of the 1960’s, 1970’s and 80’s? Saving Whales reached an emotional pinnacle in the 1980’s and has fallen ever since. Did the “me generation” destroy all the hopes of the environmental heroes we grew up with?

The answer of course is “maybe”. There are still many people out there who have given their lives towards their own environmental cause, but the group passion of the pre 90’s is close to non-existent. I must admit, I miss the old days with thousands of animated demonstrators carrying colorful signs, flying balloon whales, painted faces, fire hoses and a burning desire. I miss watching videos of brave young (and some old) individuals jumping off boats onto nearly dead whales as the whalers get ready for the slaughter. I miss watching the arrest of individuals risking their lives on Canadian ice trying to save a few of the quarter of a million Harp seal pups that are hunted (ooops, bludgeoned to death) in the most bloody mass slaughter on Earth. Yes, I miss seeing it and watching the passion, but those things still go on, it just isn’t publicized. People still jump on whales, still stand between weapons and baby seals, still risk their lives late at night on turtle beaches protecting the eggs and hatchlings from armed poachers. Inspired people by the thousands are making a difference everyday on this Earth, but you don’t know about them. You haven’t taken the time to seek them out, to read about them, to write them, to thank them.

Passion, it’s a wonderful thing. Take a moment out of your day to find out who’s still fighting the fight. Find out who’s risking their lives for our environment, for our endangered creatures. Find your passion.
Joseph Quillan


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