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The first place to educate is in your own home. By being examples for your children, you set up habits that will last a lifetime for your kids. Setting aside the recyclables, using healthy products around your home and replacing light bulbs that are energy efficient really do show your kids how important it is to be even a small part in the effort to save our planet.

Books are a wonderful way to educate you and your family. Also, several environmental organizations offer free e-mail newsletters to keep you informed of all the latest events and news. Read to your kids. Your kids can do school reports and educate the other kids in their class. Several of the books below are must reading. The best way to educate others is to get involved yourself.


*The Sea Turtle--So Excellent A Fishe, Archie Carr, University of Texas Press, 1986 

*The Windward Road, Archie Carr, 1956

*Turtles and Tortoises, John Lehrer, 1990

*Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles, Karen A. Bjorndal (ed.), Smithsonian Institution Press, 1982

*Fire in the Turtle House, Osha Gray Davidson, 2003

*Encyclopedia of Turtles, Peter C. H. Pritchard, Neptune City, NJ: T.F.H. Publications, 1979

*Last Chance Lost?, Peggy and Sam Fosdick, 1994

*Sea Turtles, Jeff Ripple 1996

*Frogs, David Badger, photography by John Netherton, 2000

*Frogs, A Chorus of Colors, John L. Behler and Deborah Behler 2005

*Tracking the Vanishing Frogs, Kathryn Phillips, 1994

*Silent Spring, Rachel Carlson, 1962

*The Sea Around Us, Rachel Carlson, 1951

*The Roots of Heaven, Romain Gary, 1958

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